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Apartment and townhouse living is on the rise throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter, and for good reason. This type of inner city living puts you right in the action and offers a versatile and cost effective way to get on the property ladder. 

One of the great aspects of apartment living is the lack of lawns and gardens to maintain. While this is a definite advantage in regards to increasing leisure time, there are some negative aspects as well. 

One of the negative factors of the way we live in cities is a lack of time spent surrounded by nature. This disconnect from the natural world can increase your stress response without you even realising, and heavily contribute to feelings of depression. 

But fear not! You can have it both ways by bringing a small slice of nature into your inner city home with a low maintenance balcony or courtyard green space. 

Handy Man Can will custom design a balcony or courtyard garden which requires very little work but still provides a tranquil retreat away from the stress of everyday life. 

Custom designed and built water features bring the wonderful babbling sound of a creek to your small outdoor space, and timed irrigation means never having to worry about watering (or having someone come over while you are away). Integrated seating makes cozy spaces to read, study or just reflect and hanging gardens can create beautiful privacy for your own little oasis. Imagine picking fresh herbs from your own wall garden while cooking and relaxing with friends and a glass of wine in your private paradise. 

By utilising solar power, and water reclamation processes these spaces are not just great for you, but great for the environment as well. 

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