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Saying that dogs are a man’s best friend is an understatement! Is there anything more heartening than arriving home after a hard day at work only to find your four-legged friend waiting for you at the door, tail wagging in a display of pure joy?

Here in Newcastle we’ve got a lot of fondness for our k-9 companions. Whether we are taking them for a swim at the beach or a run at the dark park, we know our dogs deserve the absolute best.

Dogs are the best. A dog is truly one of the family and they deserve the finest in life. This is why Handy Man Can, Newcastle’s friendly neighbourhood handy man, works with dog owners throughout Newcastle, Lake Macquarie and the Hunter to design and build custom dog houses that are guaranteed to delight our Novocastrian pooches.

From Great Danes to Pugapoos, Handy Man Can creates a space built just for them, where they feel safe and secure when their favourite person is not around. 

Handy Man Can’s custom dog houses are built to the same standard as everything else we create, and can include insulation, enclosed exercise areas, integrated food and self filling water bowls, and even air conditioning! 

Get in contact to find out how we will work with you to create a space to spoil your dog, and make their days sitting around waiting for you get home as comfortable as possible. 

All of our dog houses are built using specially selected materials that won’t harm you pets in any way, even if they do have a bit of a chewing fetish.

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Handy Man Can do custom-built decks and patios.

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Handy Man Can do custom designed and built dog houses.

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Handy Man Can do generalised home repairs and maintenance.

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